About 30 minutes on the road out of town, John called on the CB to say his truck quit. We all pulled over, fearing the worst.

As you can see on the right side of this picture, we at PNWJeep are quick to help out by taking numerous pictures of our friends while they are broken down on the side of the interstate.

This is what broke. The linkage that goes to the fuel pump snapped. Jason almost had it fixed by just threading the broken part out of the linkage until he snapped it completely off inside the tubing.

So more desperate measures were taken. A valiant socket was volunteered to serve as a sleeve.

This is the fix suggested by John's passenger, Frank. He drives a Landcruiser.

I didn't get any good pictures of the weld but I would say it worked, since we drove over 2000 miles on it to get to Moab and back.